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What did our subscribers think?

Years ago, we asked our subscribers to tell us (and our prospective subscribers) what they thought about CERI and Smart Life News. We got 31 responses. This is what they said, in the order they said it, with none omitted.

Smart Life News presents leading edge anti-aging, health optimizing data in a concise informative manner. I recommend subscription to this newsletter for individuals and organizations interested in longevity and health.”
—— Carla A. Visha, M.D., Davis, California

“The best investment in health-related information I’ve subscribed to, some of which I actually use :-) and you answer the phone! Amazing. Referrals on books [???] is helpful [???] of references. Now, do you have a pill or potion for bad penmanship? ;-) Keep up the good work!!”
—— Mark Johnson, San Diego, California

“I have found Smart Life News a very valuable resource for information about lesser-known aspects of health, mental functioning, nutrition and over-all well-being — information that often doesn’t make it to the conventional physician’s office.”
—— Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., Psychologist, Sonoma, California

“Without CERI, I would still be struggling with cognitive difficulty and depression. You clued me in on the exact cause, in my case, hypothyroidism. The mainstream doctors and their dogmatic TSH, T3 and T4 test said I was ‘normal’ and ‘well.’ With the basal temperature test and the knowledge of how to use thyroid hormone to drive my set point up, I’m healthier now than ever — thanks to you.”
—— M.D.

“I enjoy reading your newsletter very much. The mix of information along with your personal experiences and scientific data is a good one. Keep up the good work!”
—— Lester Adler, M.D.

“We have a DS [Down’s syndrome] daughter — 15 years old. Progress is going well. I enjoy reading articles on new discoveries that may help DS people to better function in this world. I really look forward to each issue of Smart Life News. I can get more from your newsletter than I can from any other that I subscribe to!”
—— Mrs. Fay Robinson, Mom and Grandmom “and proud of it,” Winnsboro, South Carolina

“The steroid tree and the mitochondrial article have been the most helpful. They were very well described/ written. I am still very ill and disabled from CFIDS (chronic fatigue immune dysfinction syndrome). I wish you had more info on the immune system, basic immunology and immunomodulation. I think immune dysfunction is the basis of most diseases including HIV and CFIDS. Most doctors do not know much about this field. I would love to have some well written articles about this to pass out to my doctors and friends. This is an exploding field for nutrients/supplements. Thanks for asking. PS: I wish I had a success story to tell you.”
—— AB, San Jose, California

“Very informative and useful for persons seeking alternatives. Gives the patient a choice in delf-directed options and alternatives.”
—— Martien Caroll, Ph.D.

Smart Life News is wonderful, exciting and informative. Your newsletter has changed the quality of my and many of my friends lives, including my aging parents. I enjoy having telephone access to Steven Fowkes and have written and called several Congressional Representatives on GHB.”
—— Karl “Ric” Chisholm, Hillsboro, Oregon

“Dilantin and 5-HTP worked amazing results. Dilantin gave me 1) within 2 hours, a distinctive lift in mood, 2) excellent short-term concentration, 3)enhanced long-term memory, and 5) significantly reduced anxiety. I was so impressed, I had my 85 year old mother try it, and she noticed the same effects. 5-HTP 1) reduced my appetite (I lost 20 lbs in 40 days) and 2) elevated my mood. Thank you so much for the two books, otherwise I’d never have heard of Dilantin, also for the courteous, informative Tuesday call-in phone sessions with your excellent suggestions. You have made a big difference in my life. Thank you!”
—— John D. Delmonte, North Hollywood, California

“Your very excellent publication is most useful in presenting information and new insights in the progressively changing field of nutrition.”
—— Sydney P. Harris, Black River Falls, Wisconsin

“Solid, technically detailed, usable information.”
—— John R. Josephson, Ph.D., Computer Research Scientist (artificial intelligence)

“I’ve been a subscriber to Smart Life News for approximately three years. The newsletter has become a very important information source to me, and I am constantly referring to articles or to Questions & Answers for information about something that I might be dealing with, or that might be of interest to someone I know. I’ve found many useful articles, including those dealing with depression, SSRI’s and serotonin precursors. Also informative is the four part series on ‘Starting a Smart-Drug Program.’ Furthermore, your advice about various tests has encouraged me to seek and explore ‘optimum’ nutrition. You may recall that my Oxidative Stress Test had some unusual values, outside what would be expected for my age.”
—— Jeff Whiting, Altamonte Springs, Florida

“Your exact information on nutritional intervention of children with Down syndrome has totally changed the lives of many of my clients. I have seen amazing results in the last four years with 23 children with Down syndrome. These families are so fortunate to benefit from this information. I look forward to every new edition.”
—— Charles R. Campbell, Ph.D., Nutritionist, Clinton, South Carolina

“I value your newsletter very highly. Of all the subscriptions I get, and there are probably 20 or so, the only one that moves an instataneous reaction of, ‘Wow, its here!’ is yours.”
—— Jeff Whiting, Florida

“The most thorough, well-researched, and most erudite newsletter of its kind. Well worth the subscription price.”
—— Philip Miller, M.D.

“I look forward to every issue of Smart Life News. I pride myself with keeping up with cutting-edge information, and Smart Life News is a great source! I really enjoyed your article on the thyroid. I also believe hypothyroidism is one of the most mis-diagnosed, and undertreated conditions we have in modern-day medicine. I use your article for educating patients about the thyroid gland. Thanks Steve.”
—— David A. Nicoletti, C.C.N., R.Ph., F.I.A.C.P., Tucson, Arizona

“Articles on betterment of health have brought an array of claims. Sorting out hype from reality is no easy task. I feel no such doubt when I read Smart Life News. I view it as a trusted learning source to enhance my awareness.”
—— LK, San Francisco

“An invaluable source of information that has helped us improve our client’s health and longevity prospects, and our own too. A fascinating read.”
—— Drs. Anastas Harris, Ph.D., and Steven Vogue, N.D., D.C.

“I think Smart Life News is a wonderful source of useful information on cognitive enhancement, health and longevity. I look forward to receiving each newsletter. Your articles are timely and thought provoking. I even use them in my everyday clinical presentations. I especially like the clarity of the diagrams which are most illustrative in explaining complex biochemical interactions. I can highly recommend Smart Life News for the intelligent lay reader.”
—— Lord Lee-Benner, M.D., Newport Beach, California

“Your journal is well done, offers good material, and looks more and more professional. It has good asthetics also.”
—— Carl L. Ebnother, M.D., Campbell, California

Smart Life News is undoubtedly the finest source of information on enhanced cerebration available. I do know that I have at least soft evidence (not rigorously scientific) for being able to literally do the impossible; i.e., make significant increases in cognitive enhancement with improvement in life attitudes.”
—— Donald C. Thompson, D.Ph., M.D.

Smart Life News is the first letter I read when it comes in the mail. The scientific coverage satisfies health providers while the question-and-answer department is great for everyone. Definitely a smart investment!!”
—— Jaquelyn McCandless, M.D., Woodland Hills, California

“I have been a happy subscriber to CERI’s Smart Life News for four or five years now, and though I’'m not a chemist or scientist of any sort, I’ve found it useful and even fascinating reading. I often share it with my integrative health practitioners. I am a long-time user of DHEA/pregnenolone and appreciate your many articles on those substances as well as the serotoninergic, noradrenergic and dopaminergic systems. Yes, this subscription has been a good investment — not only for the information which is personally useful to me, but sometimes it sheds light on conditions or situations with which my clients, family or friends are dealing. Your article on insulin resistance was particularly interesting in that my partner is a type I diabetic. Many of your articles touch on areas relevant to his condition, especially the latest issue commenting on the significance of gluten antibodies among type I diabetics (my partner suffers from gastroparesis, (a neuropathy affecting the intestines). Thanks for the work you do!”
—— Rev. Farida K. Fox, M.A., Spiritual and Intuitive Counselor, Santa Rosa, California

“Compared to other newsletters of this type, CERI has been an indispensable source for the latest and most comprehensive information about longevity and cognitive enhancement. Also invaluable is the personal connection subscribers can have with Steve Fowkes, a brilliant and caring scientist, by talking with him by phone Tuesday afternoons.”
—— Adrienne Williams, M.A., Speech Pathologist

“Though I’ve given testimonials perhaps three times in my life, this is one. Smart Life News provides a wonderful balanced mix of practical information, theory and discussion of legal/ethical issues. Clearly, it’s put together with care and integrity; I love it.”
—— Doug Cooper, M.D.

“I think Smart Life News is terrific. Accurate, detailed, useful, well written — I could go on. As an artist and ‘English major’ I really appreciate the lack of gobblety-gook, and the unfailing frankness — qualities often missing in other medical types with equivalent expertise. I was wondering what the heck ‘peak X’ was (it smelled phony), and the article by SWF on page 9 of the October issue totally clarified the whole picture for me. It is often thus.”
“Some issue comes up in the news, casting doubt on some herb or other supplement (stevia, St. John’s wort, melatonin, usually something very beneficial and popular) and I just wait for the matter to be dealt with in Smart Life News, and invariably you give all the missing pieces, and the picture snaps into place. Otherwise put, you are regularly and reliably de-mystifying, truth-telling liberators of the mind.”
“I also like the interactive relationship with readers, and the openness and trust of the dialog that results in your pages. That’s rare. I get lots of health-oriented newsletters, and all of them are by good truth-telling doctors, but the only other one that gives a real feeling of a big lively community dialog is the Townsend Letter. Since Smart Life News is more focussed, the dialog is more limited, but the comparison is just. With Smart Life News and the Townsend Letter, as with no others, you get not only a newsletter, but a community, the readership, and in the case of the Townsend Letter, even the advertisers are part of the dialog/community.”
“So yes, my subscription has been a wonderful investment.”
—— Susana Felder, Ph.D., Florence, Montana

Smart Life News is a superbly researched newsletter containing important information. The newsletter has a useful focus not duplicated in any other publication that I know of.”
—— David J. Garling, Ph.D., M.D., Englewood, Colorado

“I have multiple health problems and before I subscribed to Smart Life News I was lost in a maze of conventional doctors and pharmaceuticals. The information in Smart Life News has given me options and control over my own health care that I never knew existed. I'm feeling better now than I have in years!”
—— Eve Nelson Reyes, Concord, California

“Thanks ever so much for the subscription to Smart Life News!! I received my first copy today and I LOVE IT :-) It’'s exciting to be able to receive a ‘brain dump’ from you guys every so often.”
—— DS

“I think Smart Life News (really much more than ‘news’) is a unique and exciting publication that is superbly written. The topics chosen are extraordinary and are presented clearly, incisively and without bias. Your love for science and your abhorance of deception for political/profit motives makes you and Smart Life News (if I may suggest, Smart Life Report) unique in this world of ‘spin’ that we live in. Your publication is magnitudes above the usual health newsletters that are written innocuously for the average person. The intelligent and knowledgeable reader of your report can learn a great deal about biochemistry and physiology that is not in books. I am happy to say that listening to you and reading your reports over the last five years has added immensely to my health and has made me one of the 2%.”
—— Stanford Field, Cupertino, California