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Questions-and-Answers to Select

What do you think about the recent announcement that vitamin C increases DNA damage?

Yesterday, “large segments” of the public should take vitamin supplements — today, 500 mg vitamin C causes genetic damage. Is this science or politics?

Are there some GHB analogs that might be worth trying?

Is there higher mortality in patients using selegiline hydrochloride (deprenyl)?

Are there any down-side risks to androstenedione, which is being touted as a safe and effective steroid for increasing testosterone?

Do you have the same reservations about androstenediol increasing estrogen levels?

A recent paper makes the claim that 5-HTP products are contaminated with “peak X.” Is this true?

Does Prozac decrease constipation in Down’s syndrome children?

A report of Allergy to piracetam?

What is a SWAG?

Do smart drugs interact with thyroid, premarin or anti-inflammatory medications?

What smart drug should I take for depression?

Which smart drugs are best to start with?

A report on smart drugs and dementia.

What should I do? My doctor is threatening to quit if I keep taking smart drugs.

Thanks for all the great advice.

My GHB gets sticky. Does this affect its quality or potency?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of generic vs name-brand Hydergine?

In the state of Georgia, GHB is illegal. I have been using RenewTrient and gamma-butyrolactone for insomnia and depression with remarkable results. Do you think Georgia might consider these to be illegal?

Can I take melatonin with RenewTrient?

In the Life Extension magazine’s Q&A column, Tom Matthews wrote that gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) “should not be taken supplementally but should only be used in the synthesis of GHB outside the body.” Any comments?