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Excerpted from Smart Drug News. Copyright (c) 1992-1999. All rights reserved.

Question: Thanks for all the great nutritional and medical advice. ——OTP

Answer: You’re welcome. However, our answers are not intended to be advice but rather information. We provide this information to assist you and your physician in evaluating as many possible approaches that we think may be useful given what you tell us in your letters. Although the distinction between advice and information may seem subtle, it is fundamentally important. Advice is a professional recommendation towards a specific treatment option, and as such, it takes away some of your responsibility. Information is merely providing knowledge of a treatment option, of historical practices, of somebody else’s experiences, etc. You (and your doctor) still have the responsibility to evaluate that information within the narrow context of your health situation and your personal values (of which we are basically ignorant). As information, we stand behind what we say. But people are different. As we often say, biochemical individuality reigns supreme. It is up to you to decide whether the suggestions we make are appropriate courses of action for you. ——SWF