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Excerpted from Smart Drug News. Copyright (c) 1992-1999. All rights reserved.

Question: How will Hydergine, piracetam and other smart drugs mix with anti-inflammatory medications, premarin and thyroid? I am 68 years old and my memory and alertness are failing rapidly.

Answer: Most smart drugs, especially the ones that you mention, will have no adverse drug interactions with the medications you are taking. However, if your memory and alertness are failing rapidly, it is possible that you have an as-yet undiagnosed illness that may be causing these changes. Too often, older people experiencing rapid mental changes are written off by their family, friends and physicians as just getting older when, in fact, it is a treatable illness which is causing these changes. Hypothyroidism is one of the most common causes of memory impairment. See the section on thyroid hormone in Smart Drugs & Nutrients. ——WD