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From the November 16th, 1998 issue of Smart Life News [v6n10]. Copyright (c) 1998, 1999. All rights reserved.

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The importance of “building a solid foundation” is an easy concept for many people to understand. It’s not that hard to imagine what happens to a strong house built on a weak foundation. But what exactly is a strong foundation for health? The answer must be, whatever your body needs to produce health. While there are many levels of needs, the most basic are food and nutrition. Food is the most basic input to the body. Food nutrients, combined with water and air, provide the basic molecules of which our bodies are constructed, and the fuels which produce the energy of life. This is not to say that food nutrients can “cure” Parkinson’s disease, but certainly nutrient deficiencies can impair any attempt at treatment.

Annetta Freeman’s personal program has a strong foundation because her goal was to enhance her health on every level she could discover. The pyramid provides examples of what that can entail. The adjacent article mentions vitamins and minerals, digestion, detoxification (elimination), and drugs. Previous articles have mentioned attitude and neurotransmitter precursors. We haven’t much discussed joy (emotional and spiritual fulfillment), or mind (knowledge and discovery), but they are certainly effective ways to enhance health and well-being.

The two faces of the pyramid represent different views of health. The right face is more technical, rational and reductionist — in other words, the “nuts and bolts” of health. The question is “how does it work?” The left side is less technical, more holistic, emotional and/or intuitive. The question shifts to “why might it work that way?” It is expansive in seeking answers, whereas the right side is contractive. The exact ordering of these elements on the pyramid is to a significant extent arbitrary. It is intended only to provoke thoughtfullness. ——SWF