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Parkinson’s Disease Page

An Improved Parkinsonís Therapy is a full length interview with Annetta Freeman, a Beverly Hills housewife who successfully developed a personal program to treat her own Parkinson's disease. Read about what happened to her, what she did, what she took in the way of smart drugs and nutrients (her personal program), and the results she got.

Somerset Lawyers Threaten Liquid Deprenyl Users, an editorial by Steven Wm. Fowkes discussing attempts by lawyers of Somerset Pharmaceuticals (makers of Eldepryl-brand deprenyl) to suppress their competition (Discovery-brand liquid deprenyl). The central role played by liquid deprenyl in Annetta’s program makes this an especially serious issue for all people with Parkinson's disease, and for everybody else using deprenyl for health-enhancement and anti-aging purposes.

Recent Developments with Deprenyl is a detailed discussion by Dr. Ward Dean and Steven Wm. Fowkes of recent clinical findings about deprenyl and L-dopa/carbidopa (Sinemet) combination therapy and their personal use of high-purity liquid deprenyl.

Mitochondrial Nutrition, Cognition and Aging is a technically oriented article explaining the underlying oxidative and mitochondrial mechanisms behind Parkinson's disease and some aspects of aging. It explains the effectiveness of Annetta Freeman's approach to treating Parkinson’s disease with nutrition, high-dose antioxidants and deprenyl. It also lays the foundation for subsequent discussions of hypothyroidism and hypometabolism, and other conditions.

Strategies for Parkinsonís Disease Therapy, written by Annetta Freeman with Anne Fowkes (Assistant Editor for Smart Life News), is a major update on recent changes to Annetta’s program. This is the first in a new series of articles by Annetta and Anne on aspects of Parkinson’s disease.

The Importance of Attitudes, written by Annetta Freeman with Anne Fowkes, discusses how the attitudes of patients, caregivers and practitioners, can affect the implementation of a nutritional program for Parkinson’s disease. This is the third article in the recent series by Annetta and Anne on aspects of Parkinson’s disease.

Starting a Parkinsonís Program, written by Annetta Freeman with Steve and Anne Fowkes, discusses the particulars of how to implement an anti-Parkinson’s program. This article covers strategic issues and some of the pitfalls of Parkinson therapy. It includes the Parkinson’s Pyramid sidebar.

The Kimball Affidavit of Steven Wm. Fowkes covers anumber of eggregious judicial errors by Judge Richard Lazzara in the 2000 trial of James Kimball, the President of Discovery Experimental and Development, on charges of conspiracy, misbranding, making false statements to Customs, and defrauding the FDA.