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What’s New at this Web Site

This web page provides a reverse chronological listing of additions and changes to this web site. It is intended to assist repeat visitors in finding new material without having to navigate through the entire site with each new visit.

You can also access a hot-linked alphabetical index of all files on this site.

Here is a sequential newsletter PDF-file index of all the PDF files stored in the cloud.

August 2015__________________________________________________

Searchable PDF scans of all the back issues are now added. These are linked in the back-issues menu.
This site has been transfered to SiteGround and updated as outlined here.
We have an updated terms-of-use policy which applies to all users of this site.
Additional links have been added to the main menu.
A hot-linked cloud-file index has been added to access back issues.
A long-unlinked online editorial by Steve Fowkes on the topic of selecting an attorney in a criminal dietary supplement case is now linked, and updated.
And this page has been updated.

September 2013__________________________________________________

The missing graphic in Nutrition and Intelligence in Children article is now reconstructed and included.
This site has been transfered to DreamHost and updated regarding contact data.
Links have been provided to content on YouTube.
Links have also been provided to blogs by Steve Fowkes on the Project Wellbeing site.
The two-part Research Update: Aspartame (Part 1) and Aspartame (Part 2) were found to be unlinked to any menu. These very informative but “floating” files are now linked to the Greatest Hits page. And this page.

December 2009__________________________________________________

By special request, the Nutrition and Intelligence in Children article from Smart Drug News v1n2 by Ward Dean, M.D. and John Morgenthaler, is now available online. The sidebar is also included. This article is directly related to the subsequent interview with Dr. Stephen Schoenthaler that appeared in v1n6.

December 2009__________________________________________________

The PowerPoint presentation mentioned below is now converted into a nine-part video series and posted on YouTube. Use your web browser and go to to watch for free. You can also type in “fowkes” or “reversing Alzheimer's” at the main search box to get to the same set of videos.

December 2009__________________________________________________

The Alzheimer’s Disease Menu is expanded to include the full text of the feature article by Steven Wm. Fowkes.
— with an e-mail link for obtaining the subsequently developed PowerPoint presentation regarding therapeutic options and strategies
— plus a web link for obtaining the DVD of Steve Fowkes' presentation to the Smart Life Forum in January 2009.
The sidebar, Mercury, Antimony and Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy is now linked.
The Online Store is closed and all associated links are removed.
The Down’s Syndrome Page has been modified and updated, again.
The Nutrition Police editorial has been added to the Editorials Menu.
The Smart Drug Updates Menu has been updated with:
— Part 1 of Gavin Lee’s Introduction to Adaptogens series,
— The Allergies, Hyperactivity, Phobias & Dyslexia feature article, and
— Parts 1 and 2 of the Aspartame exposé, with sidebars.
The British Crown Debates Nutrient/IQ Link interview with Professor Stephen Schoenthaler is added.
The subscription pages and associated links have been deleted.

15 October 2001__________________________________________________

An Alzheimer’s Disease Menu discusses the newly discovered mechanism underlying AD.
The Smart Life News Online Store goes online and is linked to multiple pages and menus.
The Millenium Editorial: Self Care and Cognitive Enhancement, by Steven Wm. Fowkes, is installed
— with its Codex sidebar.
The Down’s Syndrome Page has been modified and updated,
— now linked to the newly published Down’s Syndrome Collection.
And the Introductory Selections Menu has been split into two separate menus.