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adapto1.htm: Newsletter Feature Article: Intro to Adaptogens Part 1, by Gavin Lee.
alabama.htm: GHB Letter: to Alabama senate committee on judiciary.
alabama2.htm: GHB Letter: to Alabama Attorney General Pryor.
alabama3.htm: GHB Letter: to Alabama senate committee on judiciary.
alabama4.htm: GHB Letter: to Alabama senate committee on judiciary, about Bitrex.
alcohol.htm: Feature Article: Alcohol’s metabolism, toxicity and detoxification.
alz-tab.htm: Smart Drugs II: Alzheimer’s treatment table.
alz72.htm: Newsletter Feature Article: Mercury Toxicity and Alzheimer’s Disease.
alz72box.htm: Sidebar: Mercury, Antimony and Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy.
alzmenu.htm: The Alzheimer’s Disease Menu.
annetta.htm: Feature Interview: Parkinson’s Therapy.
annett2.htm: Newsletter Sidebar: Annetta’s Personal Program.
annett3.htm: Newsletter Article: Annetta’s Updated Program.
annett4.htm: Newsletter Sidebar: Annetta’s Updated Personal Program.
annett5.htm: Newsletter Article: Starting a Parkinson’s Program.
asembly1.htm: GHB Letter: California Assembly.
asembly2.htm: GHB Letter: California Assembly.
asmbcovr.htm: GHB Letter: California Assembly.
aspart1.htm: Feature Article: Aspartame, Part 1, by Mark Gold, Steve Fowkes and Ward Dean.
aspart2.htm: Feature Article: Aspartame, Part 2, by Mark Gold, Steve Fowkes and Ward Dean.
asp-sol.htm: Sidebar: Aspartame in solution, stability during storage.
asp-temp.htm: Sidebar: Temperature Stability of Aspartame.
attitude.htm: Newsletter Article: Attitudes in Parkinson Therapy.
back.htm: back issues page (linking following files).
back1.htm: Volume 1 of Smart Drug News.
back2.htm: Volume 2 of Smart Drug News.
back3.htm: Volume 3 of Smart Drug News.
back4.htm: Volume 4 of Smart Drug News.
back5.htm: Volume 5 of Smart Drug/Life News.
back6.htm: Volume 6 of Smart Life News.
back7.htm: Volume 7 of Smart Life News.
back8.htm: Volume 8 (partial) of Smart Life News.
beaver.htm: GHB Letter: Troy Beaverson, Pensylvania Attorney General.
books.htm: CERI book descriptions.
books-1.htm: Illustrated CERI book descriptions.
codex.htm: Nutritional Freedom vs Codex Totalitarianism, about “harmonization” vs trade barriers.
controll.htm: DEA drug schedule.
cti.htm: Forensic analysis of GHB in beef.
dean.htm: Interview with Ward Dean, M.D. on biomarkers of aging.
dean2.htm: Dr. Dean’s health care plan.
depren.htm: Feature Article: Deprenyl Update by SWF and WD.
deprenyl.htm: Feature Article: Deprenyl.
dhea.htm: DHEA article from newsletter.
dixie.htm: Down’s Syndrome: Interview with Dixie Lawrence.
doseresp.htm: Adaptogens Sidebar: Dose-response curves, drugs.
downhome.htm: Down’s Syndrome: Home page.
downs1.htm: Down’s Syndrome: Part 1: Introduction.
downs2.htm: Down’s Syndrome: Part 2: Antioxidants.
downs3.htm: Down’s Syndrome: Part 3: Nutrition.
dyslexia.htm: Allergies, Hyperactivity, Phobias & Dyslexia, feature articler on chronic inflammation and childhood brain development.
ed-evol.htm: editorial on evolution of energy systems.
ed-fda.htm: editorial on David Kessler’s legacy to the FDA.
ed-rath.htm: editorial by Dr. Matthias Rath on Codex.
ed-vitc.htm: editorial on vitamin C, the RDA’s and Linus Pauling.
editoria.htm: editorial on deprenyl wars.
edmillen.htm: Millenium editorial on smart drugs and the brain.
edpolice.htm: The Nutrition Police, about FDA abuse of power re generics and nutrients.
eds.htm: Menu: editorials page.
edtruth.htm: Editorial: Truth and misleadingness in FDA regs.
eshoo.htm: 2000 GHB letter to Representative Anna Eshoo.
feature.htm: GHB article from newsletter.
fiona.htm: Down’s Syndrome: Sidebar: Fiona study.
freerad.htm: Down’s Syndrome: Sidebar: Free radicals.
ghb-a67.htm: Feature GHB Article: Congress criminalizes foods.
ghb-book.htm: introducing GHB: The Natural Mood Enhancer.
ghb-comm.htm: Technical Update: GHB in commercial polymers.
ghb2001.htm: Newsletter sidebar: GHB Slated for FDA Approval in 2001.
ghbalt.htm: Newsletter Article: The Emergence of GHB Alternatives, by SWF.
ghbcase.htm: Newsletter sidebar: Another Case from an Incompetent Coroner, by SWF.
ghbmad.htm: Editorial: GHB Madness, by WD and SWF.
ghbmad2.htm: Editorial: GHB Madness, Two Years Later, by SWF & WD.
ghbpage.htm: GHB Home Page.
google.htm: An index of newsletter PDF files stored on Google Drive in the cloud.
greatest.htm: CERI’s Greatest Hits Menu.
handed.htm: Sidebar on left- and right-handed molecules.
healthc.htm: GHB Letter.
holiday.htm: Holiday Survival article from newsletter.
honda.htm: 1999 GHB letter to California Assemblyman Mike Honda.
horsley.htm: 1999 GHB letter to San Mateo County Sheriff Don Horsley.
import.htm: FDA import policy.
index.htm: CERI home page (linking the following 6 pages).
index-1.htm: Introductory Selections page.
index-2.htm: Special Menus page.
index-3.htm: Smart Drug Updates page.
index-4.htm: Other Articles page.
index-5.htm: Special Information Resources page.
index-6.htm: How to do business with CERI.
intro.htm: first editorial in newsletter [from v1n1].
iq.htm: British Crown Debates nutrient/IQ Link, an interview with Dr. Stephen Schoenthaler.
jm.htm: Bio for John Morgenthaler.
klein.htm: 1999 GHB letter to Les Kleinberg, Attorney for Calif. Dept. of Justice.
lazzara.htm: SWF affadavit to Judge Lazzara in Kimball case.
letter1.htm: GHB letter by Ward Dean.
letter2.htm: GHB letter by WD to SWF.
letter3.htm: GHB letter by Dr. Brauer.
letter5.htm: GHB letter by Dr. Baer.
lock-key.htm: Sidebar on enzyme-substrate binding.
mail.htm: Newsletter sidebar: Governmental regulations on mail vs freight.
melaton.htm: melatonin article from newsletter.
merski.htm: GHB letter to Sheriff Bob Merski.
mito.htm: Feature article: Mitochondrial nutrition, aging and cognition.
mito2.htm: Feature article: Hypothyroidism and mitochondria.
mito2box.htm: Sidebar: Of Rats, Birds and Men.
mitoaids.htm: Sidebar on AZT.
mito.htm: Sidebar on mitochondrial structure and function.
mvp-book.htm: Book announcement: Maximize Your Vitality and Potency.
ndx.htm: Alphabetical index of all hypertext files (this file!).
new.htm: what’s new at this site.
noot.htm: Smart Drugs and Nutrients: Piracetam.
olney.htm: The Mysterious Disappearing/Reappearing Aspartame Data, a sidebar.
parkpage.htm: Parkinson’s Home Page.
peloso.htm: 1999 GHB letter to Menlo Park Police Commander Dominic Peloso.
pira97.htm: Piracetam Update 1997.
policy.htm: CERI’s import policy recommendations.
pyramid.htm: Sidebar: Parkinson’s disease pyramid.
q-1.htm: Mixing smart drugs with anti-inflammatory medications, Premarin or thyroid?
q-2.htm: What can I take for depression?
q-3.htm: Which smart drugs are best to start with?
q-4.htm: Smart-drug report.
q-5.htm: My doctor is threatening to quit.
q-6.htm: Thanks for the nutritional advice.
q-7.htm: My GHB gets sticky. Is this OK?
q-8.htm: Generic vs Sandoz Hydergine?
q_v6n5q1.htm: Q&A: What GHB analogs might be available?
q_v6n5q4.htm: Q&A: What is a SWAG?
q_v6n6q1.htm: Q&A: Increased deprenyl mortality?
q_v6n6q6.htm: Q&A: Does vitamin C damage genes?
q_v6n6q7.htm: Q&A: Is this politics or science?
q_v6n8q1.htm: Q&A: Are there any risks from androstenedione?
q_v6n8q3.htm: Q&A: Prozac for constipation in DS?
q_v6n9q6.htm: Q&A: 5-HTP contamination?
q_v7n2q2.htm: Q&A: Georgia, land of felons?
q_v7n2q3.htm: Q&A: Is androstenediol less of an estrogen risk than androstenedione?
q_v7n4q1.htm: Q&A: Toxicity of GBL, from Life Extension magazine?
q_v7n4q6.htm: Q&A: Taking melatonin with RenewTrient?
q_v7n7q1.htm: Q&A: Allergy to piracetam?
qna.htm: questions and answers from newsletter.
qnamenu.htm: Q&A Page (questions and answers menu).
redox.htm: Sidebar: Oxidation and metabolism.
reno.htm: 2000 GHB letter to US Attorney General Janet Reno.
report.htm: GHB report to the California legislature (large file).
rev-bl.htm: book review of Brain Longevity.
rev-ghb.htm: book review of GHB: The Natural Mood Enhancer.
rev-nhrt.htm: book review of Natural Hormone Replacement for Women over 45.
rev-proz.htm: book review of Talking Back to Prozac.
rev-ross.htm: book review of The Diet Cure, by Julia Ross.
rev-sero.htm: Article and book review of two 5-HTP books.
rev-test.htm: Article and book review of two testosterone books.
rev-thn.htm: book review of The Super Hormone Promise.
reviews.htm: book-review home page.
rights.htm: Copyright information and reprint permission instructions.
sam.htm: Sidebar: The SAM Cycle.
schedule.htm: DEA Drug-Scheduling information.
school.htm: Nutrition and Intelligence in Children, by Ward Dean, M.D., and John Morgenthaler.
school2.htm: The sidebar: Supplement Formulas used in California Schoolchildren.
sd2.htm: Alzheimer’s treatment chapter from Smart Drugs II.
senate1.htm: GHB letter to California Senate.
senate2.htm: GHB letter to California Senate.
sher.htm: 1999 GHB letter to California Assemblyman Mike Honda.
sickle.htm: Sidebar on piracetam and sickle-cell anemia and Angelman syndrome.
stop-fda.htm: intro chapter from STOP the FDA: Save Your Health Freedom.
substr.htm: A sidebar on drug / substrate terminology.
swf.htm: bio for Steven Wm. Fowkes.
testimon.htm: Subscriber testimonials.
tijuana.htm: newsletter article: buying smart drugs in Mexico.
tmg.htm: Trimethylglycine article from Forefront.
tourett.htm: Report: Tryptophan and Tourette’s syndrome.
trypto.htm: Social Policy magazine article on tryptophan by Dean W. Manders.
update.htm: newsletter update on piracetam and altitude.
variat.htm: Pharmacological Variation, a sidebar on structure-function dynamics.
wardcall.htm: GHB letter by Ward Dean.
wd.htm: bio for Ward Dean, M.D.
web.htm: Introduction to the web. How to use this site.
wisotsky.htm: 1999 GHB letter to Attorney for Ventura County Sheriff.