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GHB Letter

Steven Wm. Fowkes
Executive Director, CERI
Menlo Park, CA 94026

Dear Steve,

Thanks for arranging transportation for me to fly to California on the 17th to testify before the California Senate on the 18th. It took a bit of doing, but I was able to "clear the decks" and free up my patient schedules from the 17th through the 19th. Consequently, as we discussed, I'll be available for any presentations you can arrange with legislators on the evening of the 17th, or follow ups on the 18th—and I'll head home on the 19th.

I'll be prepared to discuss (1) the entire range of clinical conditions for which GHB is used or under evaluation by the FDA, (2) the criteria under which GHB fulfills the definition of "food supplement" in accordance with the DHSE&A; (3) the overwhelming record of safety and lack of toxicity of GHB;and (4) case-by-case evaluations and refutations of the alleged GHB-related deaths, including notes from my discussions with the medical examiners involved and several consulting forensic pathologists. As I mentioned, my discussions with these specialists (including Dr. Stephen Boyd, Chief Medical Examiner of the City/County of San Francisco) confirmed that not one of the alleged deaths could conceivably have been due to any toxicity of GHB.

I forgot to ask if you had heard from Dr. Baer? He is a specialist in addicitive medicine, and has extensive experience with the use of GHB in detoxification programs for opiate and alcohol addictions.

Finally, attached is a copy of a recent letter one of my patients recieved from Orphan Mecical, a pharmaceutical firm which is apparently anticipating approval of GHB as a drug by the FDA. I'll bet they would be surprised to learn (as would the other major pharmaceutical firms like Wyeth, which have INDs pending) that the California legislature thinks that GHB has no redeeming medical uses.

See you next week.


The Senate hearing date was moved up one week without notice to me
(the only registered opponent to the bills)
or Dr. Dean.
Due to this lack of notice and prior (conflicitng) commitments,
Dr. Dean was unable to attend.