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All about CERI’s newsletter Smart Life News, including subscriber testimonials and a sample editorial about the legal battle to control the U.S. deprenyl market. Subscriptions are no longer available.

We also have descriptions of the contents of each of the back issues of Smart Drug News and Smart Life News. You may find that many of your questions have already been answered in past issues. You will find links to searchable PDF files here.

The Forefront—Health Investigations newsletter provided an eclectic selection of technical health-oriented articles written by Steven Wm. Fowkes, John A. Mann, Ward Dean, Charles Davidson and other authors, covering aspects of alternative medicine. The MegaHealth Society published thirty seven issues, a selection of which are installed on this web site. Some of the back issues of ForeFront are available as searchable PDF files through this link.

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Biographical Information

Steven Wm. Fowkes, author, and CERI’s Executive Director.

Ward Dean, M.D., author, and CERI’s Medical Advisor.

John Morgenthaler, author, and President of Smart Publications.