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Smart Life Updates

Survival Guide to the Holiday Season, strategies for coping with holiday stresses.

Living with Alcohol, effective detoxification through nutrition — to prevent hangovers.

A Smart-Life Update on Tryptophan, 5-HTP and Serotonin.

Tryptophan and Tourette’s Syndrome, dopaminergic dominance and serotonin therapy.

Deprenyl: A Universal Anti-Aging Strategy?

Recent Developments with Deprenyl, a detailed discussion by Dr. Ward Dean and Steven Wm. Fowkes of recent clinical findings about deprenyl and L-dopa/carbidopa (Sinemet) combination therapy and their personal use of high-purity liquid deprenyl.

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), the most plentiful steroid hormone in the human body.

Mitochondrial Nutrition, Cognition and Aging, the role that mitochondrial energy production and nutrition plays in aging, neurodegenerative diseases and senescence — a “cutting edge” of modern science; read about tomorrow’s health-care technology today.

Mitochondria, Hypothyroidism and Weight Loss, including discussion of depression, memory problems and hypometabolism. “Cutting edge” weight-loss information that your doctor probably won't tell you.

A nutrition update on GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate) from a 1994 issue Smart Drug News.

The Emergence of GHB Alternatives, an article from a 1998 issue Smart Life News.

U.S. Congress Attempts to Criminalize Foods, a recent article from 2000, which was accompanied by a technical update on the widespread use of GHB and GHB analogs in commercial polymer products.

Smart Drugs and Down’s Syndrome, our first article on this subject.

An update on Piracetam and Altitude, for vacation skiers and airline travelers out there.

Parkinson’s Disease Therapy, a smart-drug update by Annetta Freeman with Anne Fowkes.

Starting an Anti-Parkinson’s Program, the latest article, written by Annetta Freeman with Steve and Anne Fowkes.

The Truth About Testosterone, about the role that testosterone plays in promoting cardiovascular and prostate health, a Smart Life Update written by Steven Wm. Fowkes.

Introduction to Adaptogens (Part 1), by Gavin Lee. A PhD candidate lays out the historical roots of adaptogens, the modern scientific and medical context for adaptogens, and the expanding role of adaptogens in the Western world. This article includes five sidebars and multiple illustrations explaining the key concepts of the article. Several subsequent articles on adaptogens by Gavin Lee appeared in the following issues. See the volume-5 back issue contents for descriptions of those articles.

Allergies, Hyperactivity, Phobias & Dyslexia, by Steven Wm. Fowkes. The role of inflammation from inner ear infections during childhood on subsequent cognitive development.

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