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Learn about the latest findings that have finally uncovered the underlying mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease. Read about them in Mercury Toxicity and Alzheimer’s Disease, the last Smart Life News feature article published (v8n2). Also, learn how to obtain additional information developed after CERI stopped publishing newsletters, specifically dealing with generic therapies. Learn about it now, years before you are likely to hear about it from your doctor, the drug companies, the government, or any Alzheimer’s association. Alzheimer's disease is not a death sentence. But time is important. The earlier, the better.

Find out about this clinically successful smart-drug treatment for Down’s syndrome, utilizing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, digestive enzymes and piracetam. This menu contains four feature articles, a full-length interview with Dixie Lawrence and numerous sidebars that have appeared in the pages of Smart Drug News and Smart Life News from 1994 through 2002.

All about an amazing nutrient gamma-hydroxybutyrate, and the unbelievable politics surrounding it. What you may have read or heard in the media is probably 180 degrees wrong. Learn the health advantages of this sorely misunderstood natural metabolite of the human body and brain. And find out why people are now being prosecuted and imprisoned for use of “politically incorrect” nutrients.

All about a new, improved theraputic approach to treating Parkinson’s disease utilizing high-dose, broad-spectrum antioxidants and high-purity liquid deprenyl. Pioneered by Annetta Freeman years ago, the articles and interviews on this menu discuss both theoretical mechanisms and practical application of this approach. This menu contains one interview, an editorial, two feature articles and several side bars, plus the expert testimony of Steven Wm. Fowkes that was disallowed in the James Kimball trial.

A collection of questions and answers from recent issues of
Smart Drug News and Smart Life News covering a wide range of topics.
— One of the most popular features with subscribers.


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