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Introductory Selections

About this web site, hypertext links, graphics files, finding your way around without getting lost, and much more. Recommended for novices, first time visits and for people who think particular information should be on this web site but cannot find it.

Some frequently asked questions about smart drugs and nutrients.

The introductory editorial from Smart Drug News by Executive Director Steven Wm. Fowkes about the scope of smart drugs in our society, the purpose of CERI, and the importance of freedom of choice. A good general introduction to smart drugs and CERI.

A collection of additional questions and answers about a variety of topics, drawn from recent issues of Smart Life News. The Q&A department is one of the most popular things we do among our subscribers.

A “Greatest Hits” collection of feature articles and updates, all linked to one menu.

Smart Life News (formerly titled Smart Drug News) detailed the latest medical discoveries and scientific research in the rapidly growing field of cognitive enhancement technologies and related topics of physicial health and well-being, including the latest treatment trends for Parkinson’s, Alzheimers’s, Down’s syndrome, and age-associated mental impairment in normal, healthy adults. Smart Life News was written to be scientifically accurate yet readily understandable.

How good was Smart Life News? It was the best. But don’t take our word for it. Find out what our present subscribers thought by reading their testimonials. Our subscribers were physicians, doctors and pharmacists, and they were housewives, artists, accountants, carpenters, computer programmers, grandmothers and businessmen. They came from pretty much every walk of life, with only one thing in common — a keen interest in high quality health information about the brain and mind.

Many of our articles contain references to the scientific and medical literature. Although many readers do not make use of this added feature, some readers find this an invaluable resource. References help establish credibility with physicians, whether you are considering the information applicable to your own health, or to that of other people in your life.

If you are interested in keeping up with ground breaking scientific and medical research that can address cognitive and aging problems, read the back issues of Smart Life News. Much of what you'll read here is still not integrated into modern medicine. Call 650-321-CERI (650-321-2374) if you have questions, want consulting services or have a medical-advocacy inquiry.

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