Back Issue Descriptions to Volume 5

JMS Vol. 5, No. 1, Issue #21, March 1989

Evaluating Life Extension Programs, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (Interview with Ward Dean, M.D., on techniques for measuring biological age -- with how-to-do-it illustrations); Greenhouse or Ice Age? (will the greenhouse effect lead to the melting of the polar ice caps or to a new ice age?); The Wheat Germ Jungle -- Copper, by John A. Mann (the essential information about copper); Iron, Anemia and Vitamin C, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (a recent study assesses iron bioavailability and the incidence of anemia and iron toxicity); Ask MegaHealth (are steroids safe? is BHT toxic or not? what are high-arginine foods?); and Biological Aging Measurement, by John A. Mann (book review of Biological Aging Measurement -- Clinical Applications, by Ward Dean, M.D.).

JMS Vol. 5, No. 2, Issue #22, June 1989

Allergies, Hyperactivity, Phobias and Dyslexia, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (connections between ear infections and brain development in children); Homo Aquaticus, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (the aquatic theory of human evolution); An Introduction to the Organic Chemistry of Free Radicals, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (an illustrated introduction to chemistry of carbon, free radicals and free radical scavengers); Ask MegaHealth (Do vitamin formulas with iron cause cancer? Could BHT affect the fathering of children? Is BHT toxic? Does banning steroids really accomplish anything? Where to go for medical tests? Clarifying the confusing pH picture? Treating chondromalasia patella -- a degenerative condition of the knee joint).

JMS Vol. 5, No. 3, Issue #23, July 1989

Charcoal: The Universal Antidote and Detoxifier that Extends Life, by Richard C. Kaufman, Ph.D. (historical and current use of activated charcoal for drug detoxification, general detoxification, life extension, cholesterol and coronary artery disease, and candidiasis); More (or Less) Is Not (Necessarily) Better, review by Steven Wm. Fowkes (The Reverse Effect, by Walter A. Heiby -- a monumental book documenting opposite effects from nutrients -- how vitamins and minerals can cause and cure disease); and A Letter to Physicians from Gary A. Strong, D.D.S. (documenting real and potential hazards to fertility and immune function from mercury- and nickel-containing dental materials).

JMS Vol. 5, No. 4, Issue #24, October 1989

The State versus Your Health, by Scott Moyer (Part I: the evolution of medicine and the modern medical state from the American Revolution to the commissioning of the Flexner Report at the turn of the twentieth century -- a fascinating look at medical politics of the past); The Psychology of Life Extension, by Richard C. Kaufman, Ph.D. (the connection between stress, attitude, and personality, and disease, pain and longevity -- plus relaxation exercises); Ask MegaHealth (answers to: sources for activated charcoal, natural ginseng, starting a life-extension program, children and life-extension, sleep and immunity, obtaining hydrazine sulfate, canthaxanthin deposits in the eye, the aquatic theory of evolution).

JMS Vol. 5, No. 5, Issue #25, November 1989

The State versus Your Health, by Scott Moyer (Part II: the rise in political influence of the American Medical Association beginning with the Flexner Report in 1910 and leading up to the tyrannical medical state); Canthaxanthin Retinopathy, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (the hazards, incidence and permanence of canthaxanthin deposits in the eyes of consumers and patients); Regeneration of Vitamin C (a new enzyme is discovered to be involved in the recycling of oxidized ascorbic acid); Dietary Fat and Killer-Cell Activity (dietary fat affects the activity of natural killer cells); Selenium Deficiency and Oxidant Defenses, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (new research from China casts new light on the severity of selenium deficiency in human beings); Alternative Cancer Treatments, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (the effectiveness of orthodox treatments for cancer is called into question and alternative treatments receive dishonest treatment at the hands of establishment scientists and bureaucrats).

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