Back Issue Descriptions to Volume 2

JMS Vol. 2, No. 1, Issue #5, January 1986

BHT and AIDS (BHT's potential use against the AIDS lipid virus); AIDS and Vitamin C (megadose ascorbate in the treatment AIDS); Sugar versus Vitamin C (membrane transport of Vitamin C inhibited by blood sugar); Modern Myths (hypertension and sodium phobia, is there another answer?); What They Say About AIDS, by Milner Rheems; Selenium Update, by John A. Mann (the advantages of selenate over selenite); Coca Tea, by John A. Mann (the history and use of Coca leaf tea); Antibiotics Cause Deadly Gene Transfer (human health risk from animal feed antibiotics); and The Wheat Germ Jungle -- Polyunsaturated Oils, by John A. Mann (an expose of government and oil industry incest, and what it means to your health).

JMS Vol. 2, No. 2, Issue #6, April 1986

Free Radicals, Oxygen and the Origin of Life, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (a discussion of antioxidants and evolution); Longevity As An Entropy-Driven Process, by Daniel Hershey, Ph.D. and William E. Lee, Ph.D. (a presentation of the entropic theory of aging and their predictive model); The Wheat Germ Jungle -- Yogurt, Kefir and Other Acidophilus Products, by John A. Mann (a review of the history, politics and practices surrounding some of civilizations cultured milk products); Raw Foods and Life Extension, by John de Rivaz (a review of two books advocating raw foods for energy and longevity); Coca Tea Fiasco (behind the scenes report on the DEA and the recent publicity surrounding the cocaine content of Coca tea (see JMS #5)); Food Carcinogens and Anticarcinogens, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (the political controversy behind an important research paper pointing out new cancer risks from our foods); High Fiber, Whole Wheat, Junk Food (a new product makes fiber taste good); Fat Phobia, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (a discussion of fat myths in heart disease, lessons from the Eskimos).

JMS Vol. 2, No. 3, Issue #7, July 1986

Polyunsaturates and Prostaglandins, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (a detailed review of the role of the essential fatty acids in human nutrition and disease); Ask MegaHealth (questions from members answered: Taking BHT with meals, BHT and pregnancy, BHT and stomach problems); The Wheat Germ Jungle -- Wheat Germ, Bran and Wheat Germ Oil, by John A. Mann (what you should know before buying); Points of View (an editorial about information, opinion, and the licensing of nutritionists).

JMS Vol. 2, No. 4, Issue #8, October 1986

Parasites -- An Unexpected Cause of Disease, by Ann Louise Gittleman, M.S. (an unsuspected cause of numerous maladies in the U.S and the world); Food for Thought, by John de Rivaz (book reviews of A Remarkable Medicine has been Overlooked, by Jack Dreyfus, and Mind Food and Smart Pills, by Ross Pelton, R.Ph., Ph.D.); Contact Lens Warning (freshwater amoeba causes blindness); Ask MegaHealth (members questions answered on: reconciling conflicting polyunsaturate recommendations, why BHT sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, BHT and Epstein-Barr virus, BHT vs BHA, how BHT improves skin beauty); The Wheat Germ Jungle -- Yeasts, by John A. Mann (what consumers should know); Mercury Poisoning, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (are silver dental fillings a source of mercury poisoning? and what to do about it); Vitamin C and the Liver (what can we learn from other mammals).

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