Back Issue Descriptions to Volume 1

JMS Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 1980

Health and MegaHealth (enjoying states of health far beyond what we've known); No Nuke Nutrition (supplemental factors that guard against radiation); Selenium Update (sodium selenite); The Wheat Germ Jungle -- phony lecithin rip-off, choline, overpriced inositol; Solargas (inexpensive home-made fuel); Ginseng Abuse; Life Extension Research Updates; Ephedra -- Soma of Long Life (was Soma, mysterious sacrament of the ancient Hindu Aryans used to increase mental clarity and prolong life a species of Ephedra containing ephedrine?).

JMS Volume 1, Number 2, Summer 1981

The Wheat Germ Jungle -- Vitamin B-15 Rip-Off (dangerous synthetic drug sold in place of the natural product), Selenium Controversy (organic selenium vs. sodium selenite), Orotates (how to use them), Superoxide Dismutase (is SOD a waste of money?); Complete Cure for Herpes (the first article ever published telling how to eliminate herpes infection with BHT); From GH-3 to GH-3000 (low priced American product as good as costly, hard-to-find Romanian "youth drug"); Cryonics and the American Way of Death, by Milner Rheems (legal, ethical and religious implications of cryonic suspension); No Nuke Additions (iodine supplements and I-131); Does Vitamin C Shorten Lifespan? by Milner Rheems (the ongoing controversy about megadoses of ascorbic acid); L-Tryptophan (important tips on buying and using this natural sleep aid).

JMS Vol. 1, No. 3, Spring 1983

Why the Time Gap Between Issues of JMS (the amazing story of Secrets of Life Extension -- a book before its time); No Nuke Nutrition -- Does Everyone Need Iodine Supplements? by Jay Parker (more about I-131); More About BHT and Herpes (an in-depth follow-up to our article in JMS #2); Consumers Report on Ion Generators, by Don Strachan (state-of-the-art article on choosing and using an ion machine); The Wheat Germ Jungle -- Instant Cold Relief (using sublingual zinc), FDA Ruling on B-15 (an absurd court ruling inadvertently does us a favor); Instant Suntan with Canthaxanthin (one-a-day pill gives safe year-round tan); Modern Folk Medicine, by Milner Rheems (some new medicines are marketed and used by thousands long before physicians know about them).

JMS Vol. 1, No. 4, Summer 1984

TMG-15 -- New life-extension breakthrough (the benefits of dimethylglycine (DMG) can be had with trimethylglycine (TMG) at a fraction of the price); Vitamin B-6 Overdose (chronic megadoses of vitamin B-6 found to have risk); Vitamin C Can Cause Tooth Decay (mineral salts safe for teeth); The Wheat Germ Jungle -- Free-Form Amino Acid Mixtures Rip-Off, by John A. Mann (a look at the claims and benefits of free-form amino acid mixtures vs. protein hydrolysates); The Strange Story of SLE Continues; BHT/Herpes Update, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (new ways to optimize the effectiveness of BHT); Preserving With BHT Vapor (gas phase applications of BHT, preserving coffee, herbs and spices); Free Radicals Around Us (rancid oils from our health food stores).

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