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The Down’s Syndrome Page

The following series of articles are reproduced here in their entirity, complete with graphics, charts, sidebars and scientific references. In addition, The Down's Syndrome Collection (described at the bottom of the page) is available for $15 by e-mail (call 650-321-CERI to arrange delivery).

Smart Drugs and Down’s Syndrome: This is the first article we ever published about the application of smart drugs to Down’s syndrome. Written by Steven Wm. Fowkes and Dr. Ward Dean and published on Valentine’s Day in February 1994, it covered the history and modern uses of nutritional therapy for trisomy 21, which would later become described as targetted nutritional intervention (TNI). Starting with the pioneering work of Dr. Henry Turkel and leading up to the latest contributions of Dixie Lawrence, this article lays a foundation for the articles to follow.

An Interview with Dixie Lawrence: This full-length interview with Dixie Lawrence detailed many of the approaches Dixie pioneered with her daughter and provides many practical tips for the successful implementation of nutritional therapy and piracetam in children.

Antioxidant Intervention in Down’s Syndrome: This article and the following article were published two years after the first article. These articles were written partly to provide information to parents and partly to provide information to doctors. This article focusses on the problem of oxidative stress in Down’s syndrome and has several sidebars which illustrate free radicals and oxidation-reduction reactions (redox chemistry).

Nutritional Intervention in Down’s Syndrome: This article focusses on nutrition issues surrounding collagen (connective tissue) metabolism, methylation metabolism, ammonia metabolism and mineral deficiencies.

The Case for Piracetam in Down’s Syndrome: This latest feature article is on the use of piracetam in Down’s syndrome and other related conditions. It summarizes old research dealing with piracetam and Down’s syndrome and then covers recent major research findings for conditions that may be related to this use (i.e., piracetam use in children with sickle-cell anemia and Angelman syndrome, heart disease, hypoxia and anoxia, ataxia, apraxia, etc. This article contains over two dozen references to recent literature, review articles on piracetam, and drug reference guides (European equivalents to the US Physician’s Desk Reference or PDR).

Additional discussions of Down’s syndrome have taken place in the Question & Answer section of Smart Drug News. Some of these discussions can be found in the back issues descriptions and others in our question-and-answer page on site.

The Down’s Syndrome Collection:

CERI’s Down’s Syndrome Collection is now available for free by dowbnload from the Project Wellbeing web site (the Steve page). Click here to automatically go to the download file. Once it has loaded into your Adobe Reader, find the save-to-disk command to archive it on your computer system. You can then read it on screen, print it out, or attach it to an email to somebody else.

The Down’s Syndrome Collection is a PDF-format version of all the literature we have published relating to DS, not only including all five of the feature articles that are linked above, but all nine sidebars (dealing with free radicals, oxidative stress during surgery, Dr. Lee-Benner’s visit to the Warner House, glutathione, the SAM cycle, the Fiona study, piracetam, and more, and also including all 28 Q&A's covering a wide spectrum of Down’s-related topics sent in by our readers, This encompasses 85 pages of content, all collated and indexed for convenience of use.