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#71: January 21, 2001 (Volume 8, No. 1) 12 pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Millenium Editorial: Self Care and Cognitive Enhancement, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (how technological advancement requires increasing use of brainpower, and how the stress of adaptation to change is different between individuals and institutions; implications for our self-care freedoms); Nutritional Freedom vs Codex Totalitarianism (a sidebar); Q&A: (Is Microhydrin really an antioxidant? How can I resolve my daughter’s GBL addiction? Can you offer advice about an FDA detention of my overseas drugs? Might vinpocetine be effective in Down’s syndrome? Basal metabolism article prompts temperature testing. Is Citr-A-Sol not being sold anymore? Is Mexican liquid deprenyl from Cyto Pharma the real deal? Why can’t I access your web site?); Redox Potential and pH Data on Microhydrin (a sidebar); Another Case from an Incompetent Coroner (a sidebar about an alleged GHB death); GHB Slated for FDA Approval in 2001 (a sidebar about Xyrem and the re-scheduling of GHB).

#72: June 12, 2001 (Volume 8, No. 2) 12 pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Smart Life Update: Mercury Toxicity and Alzheimer’s Disease, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (the latest research lays out the underlying metabolic disturbance that causes Alzheimer's disease and weaves together the many disparate research threads into a global understanding of Alzheimer's mechanisms and therapeutic approaches); Editorial and Commentary: An Arbitrary and Capricious Agency, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (the supposed Pearson victory against the FDA regarding violations of the First Amendment is being circumvented by a brand new FDA policy which has the same hidden agenda against dietary supplements); Q&A: (Will increasing my dose of colloidal silver speed my recovery? Why are my IAS shipments suddenly being stopped by Customs? What other substances or practives might slow down or stop aneurism expansion?); Putting Nano in Perspective (a sidebar); Mercury, Antimony and Idiopathic Cardiomyopathy (a sidebar documenting the relative toxicity of mercury compared with aluminum, antimony and arsenic in different conditions).

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