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Volume 7 Issues Below

#61: January 4, 1999 (Volume 7, No. 1) 12 pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Longevity Update: Aromatase Inhibition and Aging, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (strategies for inhibiting the age-related loss of testosterone and increase in estrogen); Melatonin Decline in Men and Women (a graph); Sex Hormone Relationships in Aging (an illustration); Anastrozole Dose-Effect Ranking (a sidebar); The Genetics of Aromatase (a sidebar detailing feedback-control systems for aromatase); Q&A: (What can I do about a delay in my deprenyl order? Can you address Dr. Warner’s negative comments about piracetam? Are cheap calcium pantothenate tablets OK? Report that nasal bromocriptine is better than oral. How can I judge the dose of glutamate to avoid excitotoxicity? What risks might there be for recreational drugs in prostate cancer?); Kids that Go Wrong? (a sidebar about nutritional influence on behavior problems); Editorial and Political Update: GHB Madness, Two Years Later, by Steven Wm. Fowkes and Ward Dean, M.D. (changes regarding legal, media and Texas politics towards GHB — a new twist on the Hillory Farias case).

#62: March 17, 1999 (Volume 7, No. 2) 12 pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Book Review and Smart Life Update: The Truth about Testosterone, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (a review of two books and a detailed discussion of testosterone’s role in osteoporosis and heart disease); Multiple Sclerosis and Hormone Balance (a sidebar about estrogen dominance); Q&A: (Might the state of Georgia consider butyrolactone to be illegal? Do you have the same reservations about androstenediol that you have about androstenedione causing increased estrogen? Is the FDA acting illegally by stopping shipments to US citizens? How important is it to take potassium with NaGHB? A report on the use of 5-HTP with obsessive compulsive disorder. How long does frozen liquid deprenyl last?); The Steroid Tree (an illustration detailing steroid biosynthesis and aromitase influence); Electrolytes on the Periodic Table (synergy and antagonism between electrolyte elements); Ion-Enchange Schematic (an illustration of ion-exchange equipment); Measuring Potassium Balance (a sidebar explaining how specific testing can distinguish between potassium excess/deficiency and metabolic imbalances affecting potassium utilization). Political Update: FDA Loses Commercial-Speech Case, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (FDA regulations restricting truthful claims declared unconstitutional).

#63: May 28, 1999 (Volume 7, No. 3) 12 pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Addiction Update: Alcohol, Reducing Power and Oxidative Stress, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (a full-length technical review of alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes and their connection to energy systems and antioxidant defenses — implications for GHB and 1,4-butanediol); Metabolic Pathways and Influences of Alcohol Metabolism (a flow-chart illustration); Individual Responses to Oxidative Stress (an illustration of good vs poor response to alcohol stress); Oxidation and Reduction: Hydrogen or Electrons? (a sidebar explaining redox chemistry); Some Questions to Ask About Addictions? (a side bar); Q&A (What about the growth hormone-releasing properties of GHRE? What are sub-circadian hormone rhythms? (2 illustrations) Can you comment on this claim that multiple sclerosis and lupus may be linked to aspartame consumption? (1 illustration) Are their risks of stroke associated with piracetam therapy for my daughter with fetal alcohol syndrome? My mother had a stroke, should I give her more piracetam?); Circadian Variation in Male Blood Testosterone levels (an illustration of daily testosterone variations); Circadian and Sub-circadian Hormone Rhythms (an illustration of the sub-circadian testosterone rhythm); Book Review: Alcohol, Nutrition and Sobriety, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (a review of two diametrically different books, Seven Weeks to Sobriety, by Joan Matthews Larson, and Drink as Much as You Want and Live Longer, by Frederick M. Beyerlein).

#64: July 20, 1999 (Volume 7, No. 4) 12 pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Metabolic Balancing: Introduction to Metabolic Balancing, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (why does one person thrive on a vegetarian diet while another gets seriously ill on the same diet? the first of a new series); Metabolic Adaptation (schematic diagrams); Acidity and Levels (a sidebar explaining pH compartments); 3-D View of Independent Metabolic Types (an illustration); Hydrolysis of GBL (a sidebar with illustration); Q&A (Tom Matthews of life Extension magazine implies that gamma-butyrolactone is too dangerous to take internally, what do you say? (1 illustration) What is an ideal testosterone-to-estrogen ratio, and how does it change with age? Do my mother and I need more melatonin during the winter? Do you have any suggestion for transient global amnesia? Should I take carbidopa with 5-HTP? Can I take melatonin with RenewTrient? Parkinson report about switching to Discovery deprenyl); Dopamine Rebound Schematics (an illustration); Smart Life Update: Keeping Track with Video, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (a new way to keep a journal, with several twists).

#65: September 15, 1999 (Volume 7, No. 5) 12 pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Metabolic Balancing Update: Allopathic Nutrition vs Metabolic Nutrition, by Harold J. Kristal, D.D.S (strategic and clinical applications of metabolic typing); The Forerunners: Pottenger, Watson, Kelley and Wolcott (a sidebar about the development of metabolic testing systems); The Metabolic Dominance Factor (an illustration); Correction (sidebar about blood pH trends); Q&A (My son has a head injury, can I give him more piracetam? What about blood serotonin overload from 5-HTP? What is the role of B-6? Bill Wolcott comments that minerals for dancing and sleep can have opposite effects in metabolically different people. Can I take MSM? Is the WHO trying to stop Internet drugs? Dr. Andrew Cutler writes about other therapies for dealing with viruses and parasites. Is there anything I can take while still pregnant with my DS daughter? Can GHB cause a metalic smell in urine? Should I consider Microhydrin? Where can I get succinate supplements? My liquid deprenyl from IAS has not arrived.); Lifestyle Update: Fortuitous Discoveries, by Anne M. Fowkes (quirks of fate that lead to self discovery).

#66: November 17, 1999 (Volume 7, No. 6) 12 pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Sources Update: Discovery Deprenyl Update, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (what to do about the loss of availability of Discovery’s deprenyl citrate); A 3-D View of Amines (an illustrated sidebar explaining the nitrogen site of the deprenyl molecule and its breakdown into amphetamines and quaternary ammonium derivatives); The PDRG “Window of Death” (an illustration of data from the Parkinson’s Disease Research Group of the UK); The PDRG Death Spike (another view of the same data); Q&A (Can anybody spare some Discovery liquid deprenyl? Is it harmful to start targetted nutritional intervention without blood tests first? Do you think that pyruvate might be helpful for the oxidative stress of Down’s syndrome? (2 illustrations) What’s happening with the legal battle over GHB?); Role of Pyruvate in Energy Production (a margin schematic); pH and Pyruvate Metabolism (an illustration of CO2-absorbing and CO2-emitting pathways); Metabolic Balancing Update: Oxidative and Autonomic Nutrition, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (opposite and complementary influences of fast and slow oxidizers and sympathetic and parasympathetic-dominant types); Autonomic and Oxidative Positive Influences (a sidebar about minerals, vitamins, amino aicds with metabolic influences); Acid and Alkaline Influences (opposition between metabolic types and diets, illustrated).

#67: February 23, 2000 (Volume 7, No. 7) 12 pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Smart Life Update: U.S. Congress Attempts to Criminalize Foods, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (federal law criminalizes GHB and GHB-containing foods and products, and what to do about it); Precursors, Isomers and Analogs of GHB (an illustration); Questions to Ask Your Representatives and Senators (two sidebars); Letters of Notification to Police (a sidebar about certified letters sent by CERI Director Steven Wm. Fowkes); Technical Update: The Commercial Chemistry of GHB, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (GHB in products and polymers); Formation of Ester and Amide Bonds (an illustration); GHB-Related Polymers (an illustration); Polycarbonate (an illustration); Q&A (A child's allergy to piracetam? (1 illustration) Are metabolic types truly independent? What do you think about cell therapy? Anoxia and coma therapies? (1 illustration)); Book Review: How to Gain Control of Your Diet and Life, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (a review of The Diet Cure, by Julia Ross).

#68: May 14, 2000 (Volume 7, No. 8) 12 pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Smart Drug and Nutrition Update: Nutritional Roots of Aggression and Violence, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (the role of brain serotonin and dopamine receptors and neurotransmitters in male violence, human aggression, and premenstrual syndrome, and orthomolecular solutions); Tryptophan or 5-HTP (a sidebar comparing advantages and disadvantages of both); Q&A: (More on peak X in 5-HTP? (plus illustration) Solutions for butanediol withdrawal symptoms? Canadian group recommendation against piracetam for Down’s syndrome? What to do about ordering scheduled drugs? Other NADH sources than Enada? Formulation for alcohol remedy? Use of piracetam with Tegretol in epilepsy? Report of GHB laws in Sweden? Is GHB an amino acid? Is GHB adicting? Complaint about Vitality Health Products. Does vitamin C thicken arteries?); Sources Update.

#69: August 22, 2000 (Volume 7, No. 9) 12 pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Smart Life Update: Carbon Dioxide as a Smart Drug, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (CO2 as a vasodilator for the cerebral cortex, underbreathing and overbreathing effects on mind); The Hydration of Carbon Dioxide (an illustration); Altered Charge from Hydrogen Ion Bonding (a sidebar); NO and CO2 Pathways (the molecular interactions with superoxide and peroxynitrite); Editorial: Truth and Misleadingness, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (the marketplace implications of the court decision that FDA policy is in violation of First Amendment guarantees of free speech); Q&A: (What’s the word on the court case and when might Discovery’s liquid deprenyl become available? Are reducing agents antioxidants, and if not, how are they different? (illustrated) I got skin irritations from a testosterone patch, how can I switch to a compounded cream? Report on Steve Cole, Health Development Club,, and deprenyl importation. How much more potent is pramiracetam than piracetam, and what dose should I take? (illustrated)); Redox Schematic (an illustration of redox potentials and biological environments); Antioxidation and Reduction (an illustration); Nootropic Dose-Response Curves (an illustration of different responses); A-B-A-B Protocol (an illustration of a dose-response investigation).

#70: November 7, 2000 (Volume 7, No. 10) 12 pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Smart Life Update: Basal Metabolism and Cognitive Function, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (mechanisms of energy regulation that affect thyroid hormone at the tissue level, what doctors are not telling their patients but what everybody needs to know about reverse T3 hormone); The Iodination of Tyrosine (an illustration of thyroid hormone production); The Coupling of Iodinated Tyrosines (an illustration of “piggybacking” to make T3 and T4); The Diversion of T4 into Reverse T3 (an illustration comparing euthyroidism to Wilson’s syndrome); Thyroid versus Lifespan? (a sidebar about metabolic rate, longevity, immunity, fever and hibernation); Q&A: (Is violence in men abnormal or normal? (illustrated) My testosterone was off the chart, do you know any studies that predict high testosterone in BHT users? What is the best form of choline to synergize with racetam-type nootropics? Might Premarin and Provera, or natural alternatives, be useful for my eosinophilic pneumonia? My wife’s body temperature is really low, but her doctor says her thyroid is fine? (illustrated) Report on cold hands and feet resolving with circulation enhancers. Now that health food stores have stopped stocking BHT, where else can I get it?); Thyroid Responses (an illustration of thyroid therapy); Multiple Thyroid Dose Increases (an illustration of negative feedback inhibition to clinical response); Discovery Deprenyl Update (a sidebar about Strictly Supplements, the FDA, the Kimball court case, and an affidavit of testimony).

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