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Volume 2 Issues Below

#11: February 1993 (Volume 2, No. 1) 12-pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Smart Life SIG: Tablets vs Capsules vs Powders? Smart Supplements, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (how to use powders, how to test tablets, the best form of vitamin C, the best taste, lifestyle issues, and more); Q&A: What should I do about my InHome drug order being late? What is the status of InHome Health Services of Switzerland? Do you have similar complaints about InHome? Can I get my money back from InHome? How many times per day was the person in the testimonial on page 180 of Smart Drugs & Nutrients taking Hydergine and piracetam? What drugs are being developed for Alzheimer’s disease in other countries? I am trying to determine the best dose of phosphatidylcholine, piracetam, Hydergine and DMAE. Hydergine and piracetam report. Have nootropics been shown to promote dendritic cell growth? Is there any sort of club for smart-drug enthusiasts? Where can I buy L-tryptophan? Is Quotaz S.A. associated with International Products of West Germany or the Life Extension Foundation of Florida? Did the FDA seize my missing drug shipment from Interlab? Is Interlab still in business? Is Discovery Experimental and Development recommending Cyto Pharma as an outlet for their liquid deprenyl? Can you tell me the address of Quotaz S.A. in Germany? Is Interlab still in business? How close is nerve growth factor to market as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease? Is this product I purchased in the Azores really centrophenoxine? Triplicate-prescription problems. Can I order Percodan from one of the AIDS buyer’s clubs or overseas pharmacies? I have been consistently pleased with Life Extension Foundation products over the past four years. Drug detention letter received one week after final date of response. Which health-freedom groups do you recommend? Global Information Services report. Drugs seized by Chicago Customs. Can I buy liquid DMAE from a chemical company, and how do I treat it before use? Would you comment on the enclosed article from a national consumer magazine that is generally held in high regard in the United Kingdom?; New Sources; Political Update: Tacrine Recommended for Approval.

#12: March 1993 (Volume 2, No. 2) 8-pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Smart Drug Update: Ondansetron and Zatosetron, by Ward Dean, M.D., John Morgenthaler, and Steven Wm. Fowkes (memory-enhancing effects from selective serotonin-receptor blockers, normal healthy human studies); Deprenyl Denied License Extension; Q&A: What is the availability of acetyl-L-carnitine? What is GHB and where can I get it? Do you know of a cheap-but-reliable laboratory where I can get Life Extension Foundation products tested when I come to the US? Is it prudent to increase my dose of deprenyl? What can you tell me about phosphatidylserine? Are there glycine precursor drugs which don’t require MAO-B for metabolism? What are the consequences of irreversible MAO-B inhibition? What smart drugs have anti-obesity effects? What is your opinion of fenfluramine and phentermine which were announced in the media recently? Does deprenyl or other MAO inhibitors cause the build-up of any particular toxins?; Tryptophan Source; Health Freedom in 1993? Sources Alert; Pearson and Shaw Speak Out Against the FDA.

#13: May, 1993 (Volume 2, No. 3) 10-pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Legislative Update: The Health Freedom Acts of 1993, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (a review of three bills submitted to Congress to prevent the FDA from over-regulating dietary supplements); New Physician; New Source; Q&A: (Are generic ergoloid mesylates as good as Sandoz Hydergine? Fasting and smart drugs? Are there contraindications with deprenyl and demerol? Can I take smart drugs with Loramet, Tofranil and Lexotan? How often should vasopressin be used? Can vinpocetine be used to treat non-stroke apraxia? Can I use Hydergine after the expiration date? Do you have information on Nimotop (nimodipine) as a smart drug? Which form of Ginseng were you referring to in Smart Drugs & Nutrients? Can I take Parlodel (bromocriptine) in the evening? Can I take Parlodel with deprenyl?); Interview (Part 1): A Conversation with William Summers, M.D., by T. Michael Hardy (Dr. Summers was the principle investigator of the first study of tacrine in Alzheimer’s disease).

#14: June, 1993 (Volume 2, No. 4) 10-pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Interview (Part 2): A Conversation with William Summers, M.D., by T. Michael Hardy (continued from previous issue); Editorial: The FDA Double Standard, by T. Michael Hardy (how the FDA treats multiple sclerosis patients trying to import drugs for personal use); New Sources; Lifestyle Update: Keeping a Journal, by Philip Stone (a guide to tracking your personal smart-drug program); Q&A: Can you clarify the risks of Dilantin? What smart drugs “affect pathways in the brain that depend on calcium?” Should I obey my physician who is threatening to quit if I don’t stop taking smart drugs?

#15: October 1, 1993 (Volume 2, No. 5) 10-pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Special Report: Allergies, Hyperactivity, Phobias & Dyslexia, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (the role of inner-ear disturbances in these conditions and therapies for treating them); Book Review: Deprenyl: The Anti-Aging Drug, by T. Michael Hardy (review of Deprenyl: The Anti-Aging Drug, by Alastair Dow); Inner Ear Structure (an illustration); Q&A: (KAL makes melatonin tablet with B-6, is this rational? What is the current status of acetyl-L-carnitine? What is the best form of Hydergine? Should I expect withdrawal symptoms if I stop piracetam or Hydergine? Is there a difference between DMAE and prescription Deaner? A comment on the National Sexuality Symposium. A recommendation for Free to Choose. A comment on challenging the FDA. What synergistic interactions exist between centrophenoxine, DMAE, deprenyl and piracetam? Should I switch from centrophenoxine to acetylcarnitine? A doctor’s criticism of Dr. Dean’s answer to an earlier Dilantin question. Has anybody else quit smoking using Memory Fuel? What is the best time to take deprenyl? New Physicians; Sources Correction; Questions about FDA Drug Development Costs; New Source.

#16: October 15, 1993 (Volume 2, No. 6) 10-pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Smart Drug Update: DHEA, by Ward Dean, M.D., and Steven Wm. Fowkes (an update on the most plentiful steroid in the human bloodstream, its role in preventing cancer, fighting obesity, slowing down aging, and enhancing brain function — with illustrations); My Clinical Experience with DHEA, by Gary S. Ross, M.D. (a brief description of DHEA’s clinical use); Q&A: A doctors appreciation of CERI referrals. Does aluminum in drinking water cause Alzheimer’s disease? Ordering drugs from overseas, Interlab, and the Clinton administration’s policy on personal importation? Should I take melatonin continuously or intermittently? Discovery liquid deprenyl in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Stearyl-VIP in the treatment of male impotence? Can deprenyl and MDMA (Ecstasy, or XTC) taken together be fatal? Book Review: Brain Boosters, by Mark Shanahan (a review of Brain Boosters: Food and Drugs That Make You Smarter, by Beverly Potter, Ph.D., and Sebastian Orfali).

#17: November 1, 1993 (Volume 2, No. 7) 8-pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Sources Update: Current Developments with Sources, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (big problems with Qwilleran and HDC Optimax tryptophan); Q&A: Sample letters to FDA and US Customs. Is Interlab still on your OK list? Can you recommend a less expensive smart-drug regimen? Can you give me tips for smoother overseas ordering? Do you know sources for the experimental drug THA (tacrine)? Will lower-dose Hydergine provide the same benefits as larger doses? Are the contraindications for glutamine, glutamate, pyroglutamate and piracetam the same? Two glutamine/glutamate headache reports. What is the excitotoxic potential of MSG, glutamate, pyroglutamate and piracetam? Report of headaches from Cognitex. What are the dangers of growth hormone? Can I get growth hormone over the counter in Europe? Are there any specific self-tests I can do before and after starting smart drugs? Melatonin made me hyper. Can you recommend a reliable pharmacist or wholesaler in Mexico? Can I get DHEA in the US without a prescription? Do Mexican pharmacies sell DHEA? Can I bring DHEA across the border? Does melatonin cause SAD? Where can I order Alzene? Is it better to take melatonin with brewer’s yeast? Does borage oil improve mental function? How can I order a US book in England? Glutamic Acid and Related Chemical Structures (illustration); New Physicians; Pregnenolone Source.

#18: November 25, 1993 (Volume 2, No. 8) 12-pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Interview with Ward Dean, M.D.: Evaluating Personal Health Programs, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (a brief introduction to biomarkers which measure health and longevity); Measuring Near Vision at Home (illustration); Near Visual Acuity vs Age (graph); Maximal Oxygen Uptake vs Age (graph); Blood Glucose Tolerance vs Age (graph); Blood Pressure vs Age (graph); Interview: A Conversation with Dr. Ross Pelton, by T. Michael Hardy (pharmacist and author of Mind Food and Smart Pills); New Physicians; Q&A: Is there any way to get DHEA in the US without a prescription? Do you have specific information on half-lives of water-soluble vitamins? Does sniffing peppermint improve accuracy in people working on computers? Two questions about the pros and cons of taking supplements with food or on an empty stomach. Are there any addiction or long-term negative effects from smart drugs? Nutrient Absorption on an Empty vs Full Stomach (illustration); Editorial: Fear and Loathing in Rockville, Maryland.

#19: December 30, 1993 (Volume 2, No. 9) 10-pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Sources Update: In Search of Enhancement, by Richard Currier (a tour guide to Mexican pharmacies); Sources Update: The HDC Tryptophan Scam Exposed, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (warning of irregularities in HDC Optimax tryptophan); Micronutrition and Commercial Farming Methods (“organic” produce may be better than most people realize); Q&A: How much deprenyl should I give my German shepherd? Does anybody have experience with giving smart drugs to children with learning disabilities? HDC tryptophan report. Why do you cast Life Extension Foundation in a dubious light? Tiredness report. What is the quality of Pharmaceuticals International products? Report on synergy between piracetam, Hydergine and choline (and against alcohol). Report on ginseng tea and alcohol. Does CERI have a low-income subscription policy? Report on InHome order problem and fix. What is the name of the B7 protein in the enclosed article? FDA seizure report for former Mayo-Clinic nurse now with Alzheimer’s disease. Subscriber recommendation for Interlab. Ordering liquid deprenyl with cash. Two HDC complaints. Where can I get a pharmaceutical analyzed? Report of “pressurized” feeling from pyroglutamate (or piracetam)? How does the ultra-sensitive TSH assay compare to the Barnes basal temperature test for detecting hypothyroidism? Report of raid on HDC. What is the recommended dosage for pyroglutamate? New Practitioners; New Source.

#20: February 14, 1994 (Volume 2, No. 10) 10-pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Smart Drug Update: Smart Drugs and Down’s Syndrome, by Steven Wm. Fowkes and Ward Dean, M.D. (the use of vitamins and piracetam in treating Down’s syndrome children); New Practitioners (four new doctors); Dr. Lee-Benner Visits the Warner House Clinic (an on-site report on Dr. Jack Warner’s Down’s program); Q&A: What is the recommended DMAE dosage? Have you ever heard of a mood-elevating effect from ibuprofen? What do you think about the life-shortening effects of DMAE on Japanese quail? (graphs included) Smart drug report; Should I add vasopressin to my smart-drug program? Can you get the same effect from L-dopa that you get from deprenyl? What is the carbidopa/Levodopa combination? Source Update.

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