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Volume 1 Issues Below

#1: January 1992 (Volume 1, No. 1) 8 pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Smart Drug Update: L-Deprenyl: An Anti-Aging Aphrodisiac? by Steven Wm. Fowkes (introducing a smart drug with sex and life-extension side effects); Editorial: Cognitive Enhancement, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (defining cognitive enhancement and the scope of the newsletter); Normal Healthy Human Studies: B-Vitamins and Mental Performance, by Ward Dean, M.D. and John Morgenthaler (nutrition and marksmanship); Q&A: Are their normal healthy human studies of smart drugs? Are smart drugs legal? Are smart drugs safe? What kind of medical supervision is required? What tests do you recommend? Are any of the cognitive drugs applicable to AIDS dementia? Is my response to smart drugs normal? Where can I get smart drugs? Are smart drugs safe or dangerous? Does Hydergine work?

#2: March 1992 (Volume 1, No. 2) 10 pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Smart Drug Update: Pregnenolone, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (a steroid precursor with unusual effects on learning and memory); Editorial: FDA Declares War on Smart Drugs, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (the FDA’s import alert against overseas drug suppliers and what it really does); CERI’s Import Policy Recommendations (a one-page summary of what to do when importing personal-use drugs); Sample Letter for Drug Importation; Normal Healthy Human Studies: Nutrition and Intelligence in Children, by Ward Dean, M.D., and John Morgenthaler (the effect of supplementation on IQ scores); Q&A: (Are you aware of ways around the FDA smart-drug alert? What about L-deprenyl in combination with L-phenylalanine and pyridoxine? Is GH3 selective for MAO-A or MAO-B? What about my smart-drug regimen? Am I getting the most out of smart drugs? Where can I purchase L-deprenyl? Is liquid deprenyl more potent? When I take deprenyl, should I stop taking phenylalanine? How can I get off steroids? Are generic and Sandoz-brand Hydergine different, as mentioned by Pearson and Shaw? Is there an advantage to taking Deaner instead of DMAE?)

#3: April 1992 (Volume 1, No. 3) 10 pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Want to be on TV? Smart Drug Press Heats Up, by John Morgenthaler; Cognitive Nutrition Update: Circadian Metabolism and Consciousness, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (metabolic tides and their influence on pH, mental state, artificial jet lag and other manifestations of cognitive deficit); Q&A: (Are L-dopa’s side effects bad? Will Hydergine or piracetam have an adverse effect with imipramine? What do I do about the FDA advisory? Which is the strongest growth-hormone releaser, L-dopa, Eldepryl, or bromocriptine? Is Hydergine OK to take with candida? Do you know of any doctors in the Massachusetts/New England area? Can smart drugs be useful for treating chemotherapy/radiation-induced cognitive impairment? What about discrepancies in smart-drug dosage recommendations? What companies are listed on the FDA import alert? What amino acids, foods or vitamins should I not take while using Eldepryl? Do you have sources for Jumex tablets and Intal?); Editorial: Is it time for an Alzheimer’s Buyer’s Club?, by T. Michael Hardy (lessons to be learned from AIDS buyer’s clubs).

#4: May 1992 (Volume 1, No. 4) 10 pages (click for full-text PDF file)

The FDA’s Recent Talk Paper on Smart Drugs: The Emperor Has No Clothes, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (CERI exposes deception and ignorance in the FDA’s official smart-drug policy statement); Book Review: Legal Drugs Without Prescription, by T. Michael Hardy (a review of How to Buy Almost Any Drug Legally Without a Prescription, by James H. Johnson, Ph.D.); Smart Drug Update: Milacemide, by John Morgenthaler and Ward Dean, M.D. (a glycine pro-drug enhances associative memory); Q&A: Can I get and English-language package insert for my smart drug? Can you tell me about Regenersen and Copolymer 1? Do you have an address for the Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw Life Extension Newsletter? What’s the right dosage for Hydergine and Eldepryl? How can I get in touch with the “well organized letter campaign” against the FDA’s war on vitamins and amino acids? How and where can we get “nootropic” smart pills? Mexican pharmacy card translated. Are L-deprenyl and deprenyl the same drug? Is purified synthetic melatonin available? What is Peggy’s Health Center’s correct phone number?

#5: July 1992 (Volume 1, No. 5) 8 pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Legislative Update: The Health Freedom Act of 1992, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (a political solution to the FDA problem); Editorial: Alzheimer’s Demonstration Planned, by T. Michael Hardy; Q&A: Listing sources for smart drugs. Address for Pharmacy of the Gods and Children’s Drugstore? Info on Trental and vinpocetine? What is best dosage for piracetam when combining with Hydergine and choline? Substituting piracetam for Xanax in depression. New sources *not* on import alert? Complaint about physician. Caffeine, ginseng and phenylalanine as stimulants? What can I do to relieve insomnia? Which smart drug is best to start with? Mixing smart drugs with anti-inflammatory medications? What to take for depression? New source.

#6: August 1992 (Volume 1, No. 6) 8-pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Smart Drug News: Alzene: Hype or Hope? by T. Michael Hardy (a fatty acid mixture is promoted for Alzheimer’s treatment); Smart Drug Update: Deprenyl: A Universal Anti-Aging Strategy? by Ward Dean, M.D. and Steven Wm. Fowkes (intervention in a brain-aging mechanism); Q&A: Pregnenolone? Suggestions for finding a physician who will write a prescription for smart drugs? Side effects for piracetam? How do I know if I’m getting what I order? Researchers question using Hydergine for memory problems? Piracetam for alcoholism? Is there reason to avoid DMAE? Will smart drugs cause problems with urine drug testing?

#7: September 1992 (Volume 1, No. 7) 12-pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Cognitive Nutrition Update: British Crown Debates Nutrient/IQ Link, by John Morgenthaler and Steven Wm.Fowkes (an interview with Dr. Stephen Schoenthaler); Q&A: Can you send me names and addresses of current smart-drug suppliers? What do you know about Alzene? Is this dosage of DMAE too much? Can you suggest drugs and nutrients for high-altitude conditions? Will my use of smart soft drinks have a negative circadian effect? Tryptophan and the FDA. Testing smart drugs and smart-drug suppliers? Counterfeit deprenyl? New Sources; New Doctors; Just Released: STOP the FDA: Save Your Health Freedom.

#8: October 1992 (Volume 1, No. 8) 8-pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Lifestyle Update: Survival Guide to the Holiday Season, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (techniques for coping with eating, alcohol, stress and depression); Cross-linking (illustration); New sources; Q&A: Could taking DHEA and pregnenolone cause feedback inhibition of steroid production? Can you suggest nutrients and chemicals that might help with sustained aerobic exercise in high-altitude conditions? Is it now safe to take tryptophan obtained from Europe or other sources? Is the DEA going to put DHEA on its controlled list? Parlodel and growth hormone release. Effects of DMAE, piracetam, Dilantin and DMG. Complaint about Smart Drugs & Nutrients. More on Quotaz. Is it safe to take piracetam with Prozac? Is piracetam safe without escalating my deafness? Isn’t tryptophan unavailable? Will deprenyl and GH3 cause the “cheese” reaction? Can you comment on the timing of L-dopa with smart drinks? Sublingual melatonin report; Further Developments with Quotaz and Interlab (readers receive unsolicited mailings).

#9: November 1992 (Volume 1, No. 9) 8-pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Editorial: The Nutrition Police, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (the rise of FDA power and its effect on the health and health-care costs of Americans); New Sources; Cognitive Nutrition Update: Cognitive Function in Elderly People, by Steven Wm. Fowkes (the role of nutrients and methylation co-factors in mental performance); Q&A: What should I know about taking DMAE with other smart drugs? Is there a problem with alcohol and Hydergine? How can I find a physician who will write me a prescription for Hydergine and vasopressin? Can I take propranolol with low-dose deprenyl? What thyroid replacement does Dr. Dean suggest for low thyroid function? How does the Barnes’ temperature test for hypothyroidism compare with the TSH assay? What low-risk nutritional supplements or drugs promote calmness without sedation or cognitive impairment? My physician is willing but not well informed. What about the dangers of vasopressin? What sources carry phosphatidylserine? What’s the best blood test to measure DHEA? How can I know when my subscription is up for renewal?

#10: December 1992 (Volume 1, No. 10) 10-pages (click for full-text PDF file)

Smart Drug Update: New Piracetam Research Findings, by Ward Dean, M.D., John Morgenthaler and Steven Wm. Fowkes (recent normal-healthy-human studies of piracetam on driving skills, high-altitude hypoxia, senility, and epilepsy); Editorial: Smart-Drug Detractors and Missed Opportunities; Q&A: What tests can I use to measure my cognitive abilities? Is the FDA still intercepting overseas drug shipments? What alternatives exist for obtaining piracetam, centrophenoxine and other non-US drugs? Will deprenyl negatively interact with tyrosine, DLPA, propranolol, antihistamines or other over-the-counter medications? Have any studies investigated the effects of nootropics with brain machines? Are the life-extending effects of food deprivation and deprenyl synergistic? Are there any more recent books on Alzheimer’s disease that Michael A. Weiner’s Reducing the Risk of Alzheimer’s? “Don’t let anyone tell you that smart drugs don’t work. I have living proof with my dear mother.” Can you list the number for MegaHealth Society so that I can order the Metabolic Balancing Workbook and pH papers? Can you be more specific about your negative comments about the Life Extension Foundation in the last issue?; Sources Alert! (contaminated counterfeit deprenyl in widespread distribution).

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