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From the January 16th, 1998 issue of Smart Life News [v6n4]. Copyright (c) 1998. All rights reserved.

Annetta Freeman’s Updated Personal Regimen

Compare this updated regimen to her old regimen from three years ago.

Discovery-brand Liquid Deprenyl Citrate
3 mg morning, 2 mg noon, 3 mg early afternoon, 2 mg late afternoon (adjust timing for smoothest effect, avoid taking with NADH).

50 mg (every other morning).

Vitamin E†§
1000 IU (with breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid)
1500 mg in morning, same in evening (OK to take with or without food).

Kyo Green
2 tbsp in morning (a barley green product, replaces Cell Guard).

Vitamins A and D
25,000 IU A and 1500 mg D (with breakfast).

Sun Chlorella A
5 tablets with breakfast, 5 with lunch and 5 with dinner (a broken-cell-wall green algae, not a blue-green algae product).

Coenzyme Q-10
Four 30 mg caps, 2 with breakfast, 2 with dinner (mitochondrial energy enhancer).

Viobin Prometabs† (5 mg octacosanol)
One tablet with breakfast and dinner (a grain concentrate, special order from health food stores).

50 mg in the morning (an important cellular antioxidant).

Four 50 mg capsules in morning & evening (less expensive grape seed extract contains similar antioxidants).

Enada (NADH, coenzyme 1)
Two 5 mg tablets first thing in the morning (some people take it before bed).

Alpha-Lipoic acid
50 mg in morning, same in evening (mitochondrial enhancer, new to program, decreases morning stiffness).

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC)
One 500 mg tablet each morning (mitochondrial energy enhancer, new to program, replaces L-carnitine).

B-complex “100”
One with lunch (do not take if you take Sinemet!).

B-12 Injection
Once weekly (now with folic acid).

At least 8 glasses per day (take a full glass when taking supplements).

GLA-125 (gamma-linolenic acid)§
One with breakfast and dinner.

MaxEPA§ (1000 mg)
One capsule with breakfast & dinner (omega-3-rich cold-water fish oil).

Flax oil§
One tbsp in 4 tbsp cottage cheese.

Multi-mineral tablet
One tablet with breakfast.

Potassium and magnesium
One tablet each morning and evening (300 mg magnesium, 90 mg potassium).

Chromium Picolinate
200 mcg in morning (blood sugar stabilizer).

Cayenne Power Caps (Hot)
One each morning and evening.

Three 3 mg tablets before bed (dosage must be individually adjusted).

1 gram with one aspirin before bed (minimizes twitching and pain, reduces shaking the next morning and helps me sleep “like a baby” all night).

Gingko biloba (40 mg)
One tablet each morning and evening.

Betaine hydrochloride
With meals, as needed (increases stomach acidity, aids digestion, improves nutrient absorption).

Flora Source
2-30 minutes after eating (Golden Health Products 217-696-2378).

Aloe Gold
1/3 to 1/2 glass with cranberry juice (takes more when eating allergenic foods).

Mild silver protein
1/4 tsp (a general prophylactic against illness).

Notes and Comments
I consider these items most important for Parkinson’s, non-daggered items are for my general health.
Steven Fowkes thinks that 100 mgs of each B vitamin is a faulty formulation (B-3 and B-5 doses need to be more; B-1, B-2 and B-6 can be much less). Because B-complex nutrients are water-soluble and have short half-lives, he suggests taking them in divided doses with each meal instead of once at lunch.
§ Polyunsaturated fatty acids can go rancid quite easily. Even the vegetable oils added to vitamin E pearls can rancidify easily. These products should be taste tested once a week to make sure they are still fresh. Rancidity produces a bitter and acrid taste/flavor in the back center of the tongue. It may also produce a gaging reflex.