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Welcome to the CERI web site. We have several hundred files linked to this site. These files are organized into seven menus, each of which can be accessed by clicking on a yellow diamond (the bullets to the left of text descriptions) or an underlined and/or highlighted piece of text. To return to this home page, click on the return-to-CERI-home-page option at the bottom of each menu, or at the top of each web page — or use the “back” or back-arrow button on your web browser program.

This web site is read-only. That means that 1) there is lots of free information to be had here, and 2) you can’t buy anything at this site. CERI no longer publishes Smart Life News (formerly Smart Drug News), and the newsletters are all out of print. So there's nothing to buy. Just free information.

Many of the newsletter articles are posted on this site. They are accessible through the menu system below. Others will be added on another, more modern web site with better menu and search features. This will be the Project Wellbeing website or the swfowkes website. If you are interested in more recent information, try Project Wellbeing. Steven Wm. Fowkes bloggs there, and on Google+. Project Wellbeing also has a hub page for Steven Wm. Fowkes that provides email addresses, telephone numbers and links to other content on YouTube and other sites.

Until this site is fully configured, please use the Project Wellbeing email addresses instead of the email addresses. Or you can call us at the above phone number.

Introductory Selections Menu for first-time visitors.
— how to navigate this site, Q&As, newsletter info, making inquiries, etc.
— a collection of CERI’s “Greatest Hits” in newsletter updates and feature articles.

What’s New Menu for repeat visitors.
— find out about recent updates to the site, access a filename index, etc.

Special Menus covering major topics from our newsletter Smart Life News.
— on GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate), Down’s syndrome, and Parkinson’s disease.
— plus questions from the Q&A (question and answer) department.
— and the latest information on the prevention and reversal of Alzheimer’s disease,
— with access to a more recent PowerPoint presentation to the Smart Life Forum.

Smart Life Updates from past issues of our newsletter.
— about 18 different selections covering a wide range of topics.
— a mixture of feature articles and updates which illustrate the breadth of our coverage.

Other Articles of general interest.
— including book reviews, selected editorials, import-policy recommendations, etc.
— and selected chapters from Smart Drugs & Nutrients and Smart Drugs II.

Literature Listings maintained by CERI.
— for example, descriptions of the contents of each back issue, fully hyperlinked to this site’s pages.
— plus brief biographical / contact information.