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Additional Articles & Items of Interest

An interview with Dr. Stephen Schoenthaler on the legal battle in British Court about IQ-raising dietary supplements and the evidence that supplements not only raise IQ but dramatically decrease violence and behavior problems among juvenile inmates in correctional facilities.

Buying smart drugs in Tijuana, Mexico.

CERI’s import policy recommendations for dealing with FDA detentions of imported items. Also, the FDA’s personal-use import policy (rules for obtaining foreign drugs without a prescription), and further information about legal and practical differences between government mail services versus private carriers (like UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.

The FDA Ban of L-Tryptophan: Politics, Profits and Prozac, by Dean Wolfe Manders, Ph.D., from Social Policy magazine, Fall 1996 issue.

The Alzheimer’s Disease chapter from Smart Drugs II, by Ward Dean, M.D., John Morgenthaler and Steven Wm. Fowkes. Includes the Recommended Combination Therapies Table from that book.

The Melatonin chapter from Smart Drugs II, by Ward Dean, M.D., John Morgenthaler and Steven Wm. Fowkes.

The Piracetam chapter, from Smart Drugs & Nutrients by Ward Dean, M.D. & John Morgenthaler. Includes Appendix D anecdotes on piracetam.

New Life-Extension Breakthrough: TMG-15, by John A. Mann, from The Journal of the MegaHealth Society, 1(4): 1984. About trimethylglycine, the nutrient that actively detoxifies homocysteine. This report may have helped prevent the FDA from removing TMG from the US health food market in 1996.

Antioxidants, Antibodies and Autoimmune Disease, written by Steven Wm. Fowkes (published in August, 1993 in Forefront—Health Investigations). This article presents the work of the late Dr. Robert Cathcart and explains how free radicals and antioxidants influence the functioning of the immune system. This article is extensively illustrated and will take a significant amount of time to load.

Evaluating Personal Health Programs, an interview with Dr. Ward Dean about the use of biological aging measurement to track smart-drug and anti-aging programs.

A selection of editorials from the pages of Smart Drug News, by such people as Dr. Matthias Rath (writing about the threat of Codex), Dr. Ward Dean (writing about the FDA’s campaign against GHB), Steven Wm. Fowkes (writing about the RDA for vitamin C, the evolution of energy systems, and David Kessler’s legacy to the FDA).

A selection of book reviews from the pages of Smart Drug News, by such people as T. Michael Hardy (reviewing Talking Back to Prozac), Anna C. Boroughs (reviewing Natural Hormone Replacement for Women Over 45), Anne M. Fowkes (reviewing Brain Longevity), and Thomas H. Nufert (reviewing The Super Hormone Promise).

An interesting sidebar about the possible effect of lipid composition within mitochondrial membranes on the lifespans of different species (rats, birds and humans).

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