Back Issues of Forefront

Forefront—Health Investigations was renamed several years ago. It used to be called The Journal of the MegaHealth Society. Older issues (1-27) published under than name are listed as JMS, and newer issues (28-37) as Forefront.

Back Issue Prices

Prices of back issue depend on the quantity being ordered (the quantity of all back issues put together). If you order one copy of twelve different back issues, then pay $2.50 each (the ten-to-nineteen discount price per issue) times the 12 issues, which would be $30 (pre-tax) total. California residents (only) also have to pay 8.25% sales tax. Residents of other states and other countries do not pay sales tax.
$3.50 per issue for 1-3 issues,
$3.00 per issue for 4-9 issues,
$2.50 per issue for 10-19 issues, and
$2.00 per issue for 20 or more issues.

Descriptions of Back Issues

Volume 1: issues 1-4
Volume 2: issues 5-8
Volume 3: issues 9-14
Volume 4: issues 15-20
Volume 5: issues 21-25
Volume 6: issues 26-31
Volume 7: issues 32-37