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Forefront--Health Investigations (formerly The Journal of the MegaHealth Society) provides an eclectic selection of technical health-oriented articles covering aspects of alternative medicine. Thirty-seven issues of this newsletter have been published, about a half dozen of which are installed on this web site. In addition, some active links to other web pages with related materials have been created.

Selected Articles from Forefront

Forefront #27: Read “Brain Melatonin: A Biomarker of Aging?” written by Steven Wm. Fowkes in 1990, years before it became popular as a dietary supplement.

Forefront #32: Read “New Research on DHEA” written by T. Michael Hardy on the involvement of DHEA in HIV disease written in 1992.

Forefront #33: Read about the role of “Tryptophan Metabolism in Chronic Disease and AIDS,” written by Steven Wm. Fowkes, Editor of Forefront and Director of the MegaHealth Society.

Forefront #34: Read “Does the FDA Need Smart Drugs?” an editorial written by Ward Dean, M.D. Medical Advisor to Forefront, on the FDA's Talk paper on smart drugs (November 1992).

Forefront #35: Read “Antioxidants, Antibodies and Autoimmune Disease” written by Steven Wm. Fowkes on the role of free radicals and antioxidants on the functioning of the immune system. This article is extensively illustrated and will take a significant amount of time to load. The original article was published in 1993, and a partial version of this article was published in a 5-part posting to sci.med.nutrition in 1995.

Forefront #36: Read “Dr. Dean's Health-Care Reform Plan” written by Dr. Ward Dean, M.D. as a realistic alternative the Bill and Hillary Clinton health-care proposals.

Forefront #37: Read “Thalidomide for AIDS, KS and Cancer” written by San Francisco-based treatment activist Charles Davidson on the powerfully effective therapeutic properties of the drug that made the FDA famous. This article covers the role of cytokines in various disease processes, explains how and why thalidomide causes birth defects, and details the essential therapeutic value it offers.

Biographic Information

Forefront Editor Steven Wm. Fowkes.
Forefront Medical Advisor Ward Dean, M.D.
Writer and contributor T. Michael Hardy.
Writer and contributor Charles Davidson.

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