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Newsletter Back Issues

The contents of the back issues are described in a paragraph for each issue. To minimize the size of files and downloading time, the back issues are grouped by volumes (ten issues to a file). Once a volume file has been selected from the Volume Index below, you can manually scroll through the file from top to bottom, or you can use the Issue Index at the top of each volume set to jump to a particular issue. After a jump, the “back” button on your web browser program will return you to the index for another selection.

Within each paragraph of the Volume Index, click on any highlighted-and-underlined items to access the HTML version of the item.

To access the complete full-text newsletters as PDF files, click on the provided link just to the right of the title above the newsletter description paragraph. These PDF files are text searchable and can be downloaded to your computer.

Volume Index

Volume 1: issues 1 through 10.
Volume 2: issues 11 through 20.
Volume 3: issues 21 through 30.
Volume 4: issues 31 through 40.
Volume 5: issues 41 through 50.
Volume 6: issues 51 through 60.
Volume 7: issues 61 through 70.
Volume 8: issues 71 and 72 (the last issues).

Former Back-Issue Pricing (obsolete)

The price for back issues goes down the more you buy:
$2.50 each for 1-9 back issues,
$2.25 each for 10-19 back issues,
$2.00 each for 20-29 back issues,
$1.75 each for 30-39 back issues,
$1.50 each for 40-49 back issues,
$0.83 each for the complete set of 72 back issues (i.,e., $60).

Former Back-Issue Shipping (obsolete)

There is a flat shipping charge for newsletter back issues:
$3 flat for delivery to US addresses,
$5 flat for delivery to Canada or Mexico, and
$8 flat for delivery to any other country.

Although CERI is no longer publishing, Steven Wm. Fowkes continued to write, speak and blog. These materials can be found elsewhere.

Videos can be found on YouTube. Just enter “Steven Fowkes” in the YouTube search box.

Blogs can be found at Project Wellbeing.

Free books, downloads and other links are also available on the Steve page at Project Wellbeing.

So do not stop here. Keep feeding your brain and mind.